We create unique, fresh and creative brands, inside and out.

Turn up the volume of your business and your sales

with the rhythm of the design

Do you recognize yourself in any of these phrases?:

  • “I never worked on my brand with a design team.”
  • “My logo is outdated.”
  • “My brand image has no common thread. It doesn’t reflect a strategy.I don’t identify with my current brand image.”
  • “I know I can take action to boost my business, but I don’t know where to start”.

There are thousands of encounters with a brand, what matters is that it should always be a positive one. Your brand image deserves to reflect its uniqueness . At Melao we can help you!: we know you have a story to tell, we work as a team to transform it into graphic elements and create an identity that will make your audience fall in love and trust your business.

Refresh your brand

with Melao


We create that perfect cocktail to refresh your brand; it’s like coconut water and sea breeze.

Let’s think about your next step to transform your project and propel it to where it deserves to be!


1. Brand design

It’s time for your image to be in line with your brand values.

Let’s work so that your customers connect with your brand and remember you.

Logo design

  • 3 logo proposals based on your examples/references.
  • Corrections.
  • A moodboard (a collage) for you to approve the graphic identity that will accompany your logo.

Brand Manual

  • “A booklet with instructions on how to use the brand”, a guide to maintain coherence in all media where your brand is found.
  • Ideal for the team to use to correctly apply the brand and follow aesthetic guidelines.

What will you receive?

  1. Logo construction, reductions, security margins, horizontal and vertical variations of the main logo and its isotype.
  2. Logo applications in grayscale and black.
  3. Color palette of the logo in rgb and cmyk.
  4. Instructions for a variety of applications in photographs according to complexity, color, and lighting, and applications with corresponding packaging.
  5. Secondary fonts and assortments, primary and secondary color palette of the brand.
  6. Moodboard or graphic style of the brand.

We meet virtually, evaluate your project and budget the order in a personalized way. Would you like to to talk to us?

2. Social Media Design

Let’s design together the virtual showcase of your project: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and all your channels.

Starter Pack

  • 16 images: 8 posts + 8 stories or covers for reels and igtv (whatever you prefer!)
  • You can publish 2 posts and stories per week.
  • 4-day week presence.

Full Pack

  • 12 posts + 12 stories (or covers for reels / igtv) = 24 designs!
  •  You can publish 3 posts and stories or reels weekly!.
  • 6-day week presence.

What includes?

  1. Design of weekly posts and stories. Includes animated GIFs and covers for IGtv and Reels. Your feed design, solved!
  2. The first month comes with a bonus: design up to 6 icons for featured stories.
  3. Monthly meeting: we see what you have planned for the month and we talk about it.

Are you overwhelmed thinking about what to design every month? Would you like your online presence to be as strong as a shot of tequila?

3. It’s All About Design

Do you have an idea? We put our creativity to work to turn it
into graphic materials that stand out.


Banner design and images for websites, blogs, flyers to sell by whatsapp platform.

Extra glitter!

Animated GIFS, illustrations, editable templates for posts and stories, backgrounds.


Business cards, labels, tags, postcards, totebag stamp design, stickers, stickers


Catalogs, e-books, menus, recipe books, presentations and magazines.

Combine as desired and we’ll design it for you in 3 steps: Design -corrections – work delivery. Suitable for those who “get to the point”.

4. Email Marketing + blog

We deliver valuable content. Start communicating with a precise and effective strategy.

Regular campaigns

  • Defining the main point of the messages.
  • Segmentation + Writing the message + test mailing.
  • Image design.
  • Scheduling of the emails. Following up and re-sending if necessary, according to response.

Blog Content

  • We write notes to feed your blog, on a monthly basis..
  • Monthly creative content
  • Designed images for blog posts.
  • Monthly uploaded content.

Don’t see it as exotic, think of it as a differentiation. and start adding tools today to connect with your audience.

What do people say about the

It was an excellent experience with Melao. Antonella was attentive all the time to my feedback and managed to capture what I wanted to convey. She listened to what I asked for but also opened the proposal to new ideas, always within the line but bringing another look. I’m happy with the final result and also with the process, because even though I couldn’t meet personally due to my inconveniences, Anto was always available and met all the dates I had anticipated. Thank you very much and it’s a pleasure to work with you!



Before deciding to do the brand design of my venture, I consulted several designers and Anto was the only one who received me in person, cleared all my doubts and connected to the touch with what I needed. It was one of the most expensive options but I thought it was worth it for the personalized service. And so it was! It turns out that the process was more complex and mobilizing than I thought and Anto was there accompanying me with clarity and good vibes. I was afraid of being “trapped” in a very fixed image and she solved it with a design that gives me many possibilities to play with. I highlight her listening, creativity, infinite patience, kindness and professionalism. I recommend 100%.



Melao made my business grow in a very short time, the quality of his work and his professionalism is impeccable.

Highly recommended.



Indescribable the patience she has for me in every piece and work. Building a brand, identity and communication is something very delicate and challenging to achieve, especially for a team of women working in the Agro sector surrounded by machismo and competitiveness. Melao has a very delicate style, quality, creative, full of colors and with a great impact of professionalism difficult to find. Unique and original!



1-on-1 consulting

for entrepreneurs and SMEs

Personalized online meetings where we will see all your doubts in relation to your brand.

Do you feel a blockage about your services, your website, networks, branding or communication in general? I propose to accompany you on the way, we will activate creativity and solve the creative blockage thinking ideas and working as a team.